Offering customized
for your business.

Pro-environmental approach

Environmental protection through ecological cooling solutions.

Innovative technology

Our refrigeration systems use environmental friendly gases.

Wide range of products

Systems designed to provide and maintain ultra-low temperatures for specific applications.

Manufacturing capacity

All of our products are created in our factory.

Cold In Containers

Cooling system in shipping containers.

COLD IN CONTAINERS our containerized cooling systems offer versatile solutions for the preservation
of multiple foods, frozen products and for different business activities.


We install cold rooms in containers of 20 or 40ft. Equipped with polyurethane sandwich panels, complete refrigeration equipment, lighting, electrical outlets, and all the elements necessary for its operation.

The containers can be equipped with various accessories, such as: shelving, work tables, water
tank, showcases, generator or solar panels, among others ones.

"Our responsibility towards our clients begins from the moment they entrust us with a job, becoming a lifelong commitment."

Main Features


Example with cold rooms and sales area

Inside freezing tunnel

For deep freezing at -35ºC / -40 ºC.

Interior of the ice maker

In flakes or in blocks.

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Cold In Containers
in the world